Changelog - Instander

Here, you will find everything about what has been added to each Instander version from time to time. So, enjoy!

Instander v17.2

  • Added a "Monet" color theme for Android 12+
  • Added option to disable Monet theme
  • Resolved feed-loading issues on some devices
  • Fixed Reels download button functionality
  • Fixed display issues with certain fonts
  • Updated target SDK version to 33

Instander v17.2 Beta 4

  • Fixed issues with Monet theme
  • Fixed Monet theme toggle on Android 12
  • Updated target SDK version to 33

Instander v17.2 Beta 3

  • Introduced Monet theme for Android 12+
  • Addressed app launch issues on some devices
  • Bugs: Coin theme not disabled in non-English languages
  • Bugs: Theme toggle unavailable in Android 12

Info: Due to implementation specifics, the theme may not be available in some languages. List of supported languages:

English, Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic and 14 more languages listed. Translate Instander to your native language if you want Monet theme support.

Instander v17.2 Beta 1

  • Second attempt to resolve feed loading bugs
  • Instander v17.1
  • Added 60 second stories
  • Fixed download button in 3-dot menu
  • Fixed MobileConfig updater issues

Instander v17.0

  • Updated to Instagram version
  • Raised minimum requirement to Android 9+, ARM64-v8a
  • Added Reels scrubber
  • Added badge when watching Live
  • Added new fonts to Stories
  • Added translations for 16 languages
  • Fixed script font issues
  • Fixed dependency bugs
  • Removed unsupported features like Monet theme, In-App Lock
  • Removed video scrubber and other minor features
  • Reorganized and optimized codebase