What is Instander Clone and Unclone version?

What is Instander Clone and Unclone version?

Instander is one of the best-moded versions of the Instagram app. It provides you additional functionalities. Download the latest version 17.2, if you haven't, and enjoy. While downloading the Instander apk file, you may be confused about which file I have to download whether the unclone version file or the clone version file. For the user's convenience, two versions are provided namely - 

  1. Clone Version
  2. Unclone Version

What is Instander Clone Version?

Instander clone version can be installed on your device as a separate app. The app will be installed on your mobile with the package name com.instander.android. In simple words, you do not need to uninstall the original Instagram app to install Instander on your mobile.

So, it is up to you whether you want to download and install the clone version or not, one of the benefits of installing the clone version is that you can operate both the original Instagram app and Instander at the same time without uninstalling anyone.

What is Instander Unclone Version?

Instander unclone version requires uninstalling the original Instagram app, to install it successfully. This version will be installed with the package name com.insta on your mobile. In other words, if you want to use the unclone version you have to uninstall the original version of Instagram. Otherwise, you will get the error "App Not Installed".

So, choose according to your choice, which version will suit you.

Difference Between Instander Clone and Unclone Version

Clone Version Unclone Version
You do not need to
uninstall the original Instagram App.
You have to uninstall the original Instagram App
Package Name - com.instander.android Package Name - com.insta
Fewer Features More Features

Final Notes

So choose according to your preference and enjoy the new Instagram experience.

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