Is Instander Fake?


Instander – the most famous Instagram MOD, is one of the best-customized versions. For the past few days, I have been getting many questions about whether Instander is fake. Does it work or not? So to clarify all these doubts, in today’s post I will share some proofs and I am pretty sure that after reading this article, you will have no doubts regarding Instander’s capabilities.

Instander Special Features

Most people use it for downloading photos, reels, or videos. There is no confusion about this capability as after tapping on the download button, all the things are downloading perfectly.

The doubt is regarding its ghost mode features, I have already covered this topic you can our website homepage to know about this feature and how to turn it on. As you know it offers mainly the following functions –

  • Hide your message seen mark
  • Hide your story seen mark
  • Hide your message typing status

Many users are thinking that these features do not work. Let me give you an idea to check about this –

  • First, create another Instagram account
  • Now, open Instander search for your newly created account, and follow it, and vice versa
  • Now, send a message from your account to your old account
  • Now, open Instander, and read the message (Make sure you have turned on the ghost mode)
  • Check-in your messages in the new account whether there are any seen mark or not

In this way, you can check, if it is fake or not.

Check – Instander Old Versions

My Opinion

I have also checked it, and in my case, it worked perfectly. In my opinion, it is not fake. But it is always advised that never believe something unless you tried it yourself.

So, apply my method and check if it is fake or not.

Thank you for reading it!

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