Is Instagram Pro Better Than Instander?

instander vs instagram pro

In today’s blog, I will cover the most interesting topic that many Instander users ask – Is Instagram Pro Better Than Instander? So, in this post, I will cover each and every aspect of both apps, like features, updates, etc., and which one you should use. 

What is Instander?

Instander is the modified version of the Instagram app by Meta. It is developed by the Dise. He is from Russia. He is a programmer and did a wonderful job in creating this app. he has added a lot of features in this app, from downloading reels, photos, and videos to hiding your story view or seen mark. Instander is one of the most loved modded versions of the Instagram app. To download the latest version of Instander, click here.

What is Instagram Pro?

Instagram Pro is also a modified version of the Instagram app like Instander. It is created by a group of independent developers. You can check the profile of the main contributor of this app on GitHub. Well, there is no original site for this app, which also makes it a little bit suspicious. It offers various features like copy texts from bio, copying anyone’s comment, and much more.

A Detailed Comparison Between Instander and Instagram Pro

InstanderInstagram Pro
Instander comes in two versions
namely clone version and the unclone version.
Instagram Pro does not come with twoversions like Instander.
Story Download FeatureIt also has a story download feature.
Provides verification featureIt does not have any such feature.
Official website – InstanderThere is no official website
Instander has developer features.Instagram Pro does not have developer options

Final Notes

In my opinion, you must use Instander instead of Instagram Pro, it has a lot of features that are not available in the later one. Well, I can not compel you; it is up to you. Moreover, you can comment down and tell me which is your favorite.

Thank You!

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