How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?

How to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format?

Hello there! I hope you all are enjoying the premium features of Instander. Many of you complaining about the problem of downloaded photos’ format. By default, the photos are downloaded in .webp format. This was done with the intention of improving the downloaded picture quality. so if you want to know how to change the picture’s format, then this article is for you. In this article, I will guide you on how to change the Instander downloaded photos’ format

Why Photos are Downloaded in .webp format?

The main reason behind this was to improve the quality of the photos. In the older versions of Instander, there was no such feature, the photos were downloaded in .png format. One of the main advantages of changing the format of the photos is that it consumes less mobile data to download, it occupies less space. As .webp formats are far better than the other photo formats. But the main problem is that when you try to post that downloaded photo on your feed, or stories, the picture doesn’t show up. It looks blurry. But do not worry, you can easily fix this issue by following the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to Change Instander Downloaded Photos Format

Step 1 – Open your File Manager

Step 2- Search Instander in the Search Bar

Step 3- Tap on Instander Folder


Step 4 – Select the photo whose format you want to change

Step 5 – Tap on Rename


Step 6 – Replace .webp with .png


Step 7 – Tap on Change

Now you can upload that photo easily on Instagram without any problem. you will not have any problems.

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Final Words

So that is how you can easily change the format of downloaded photos format. You can use the same process to change any downloaded photos format.

Thank You!

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