Everything You Need To Know About Instander v18.0


If you are an Instander user, you must know that Instander’s new version, v18.0, has been released. It has been almost 10 months since the previous version 17.2 was released in January 2023. The wait is over, but this one is a beta version. The developer of Instander, Dise, has confirmed that the final version will be released in either the last week of January 2024 or the first week of February. So, let’s find out what is new in this version.

Changes in Instander v18.0

Rebased to Latest Instagram Version

This version is rebased on the latest Instagram version, so all the new features in Instagram will also be available in Instander. New professional tools, analytics everything has been included.

Code Optimizations

The developers have optimized the app code very well so that it will be easier to add new features in the future. The code optimization also leads to fewer bugs and improved performance.

New Follow You Button

This feature is quite special; now, on every profile that follows you, there will be a ‘Follow You’ button. This allows you to know whether they are following you or not.

Bugs Fixed

The app crash problem and other problems have been solved in this version.


This is a beta version, so there can be bugs, so please be ready for that and do not complain about that. The final version will be released very soon(Jan. 2024).

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